Zodiac Signs Ranked From Nicest To Meanest


Libras are the kindest people you'll ever meet because they try the hardest to be nice. 

Pisces loves helping others because it makes them feel good about themselves and helps the other person. 



Taurus has a nice personality that has more to it than just being nice to other people.

If you see an Aquarius when they're in one of their rare bad moods, you might think they're always mean, but they're actually very nice.



Sagittarius is one of the nicest signs you'll ever meet because they try to stay away from anything or anyone they think is bad, negative, or just plain bad.

Gemini can be very nice or very mean, depending on how they are feeling at the time. Still, because they have two sides to them, you can almost always count on getting a little bit of both.



Cancers can be very nice, but they often let their moodiness get in the way of their generally kind nature.

Leo is as nice as they can be, which makes it seem like being mean is an easy way out, but in reality, they do try to be mean.



Virgo thinks that being nice means letting go and calming down enough to not let the little things bother you.

They say everything that's on their minds, because everyone knows that keeping things in makes you grumpy and hard to be around.


Most of the time, Capricorn is mean, but it's how they say it that drives people crazy. They don't stick to one strategy; instead, they're hot and cold, which makes them seem even worse.


Scorpio is probably the meanest sign you'll meet, so be careful when you're around one. When they don't like you or want to punish you, they show you how cold they can get.


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