Worst airline

Despite a decline in customer service, more people are flying. Travel trumps comfort due to pent-up desire. Rich-nation airlines scored well in a recent poll. 

The poorest country's airline rated bottom. This is Azerbaijan's Buta Airways.SkyTrax World Airline Awards rated Buta. 100 carriers were surveyed.

Customer reviews determine ratings.
All the lowest carriers are from developing nations or cheap airlines. LEVEL Air ranks 99th. ITA Airways is 98th.

Three airlines from wealthy countries top the list. Singapore Airlines and Emirates follow Qatar Airways. Qatar and Singapore have high per capita GDP.

Iran and Russia flank Azerbaijan. The World Factbook calls it Maine-sized. It has 10 million people. It has an ageing population, like many nations. The Factbook's authors write, 

"The ratio of older citizens and the slowing growth and eventual reduction of the working-age population might strain pension and healthcare systems."

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