Woman Shares Ingenious Method For Keeping Hair Behind Ears All Day

Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way, but whenever girls with long hair would tuck some strands behind their ear, 

I always felt that it was more because they thought it was a seductive action than because they wanted to keep their hair off of their faces.

But if you happen to fit into that group and I am completely off the mark and hair movement is truly all about need, @naomi arbide has an idea that I think you could just fall head over heels for.

If you thought, "Who has the time to accomplish all that?! " as soon as you heard it, then

", which is why I believe it to be more of a styling suggestion than a straight hack. I make that claim because, in my experience, hacks are methods for completing tasks more quickly and easily.

You can't ignore the fact, however, that by adding just a few extra minutes to your morning routine, you could have your hair pulled back and out of your face for the rest of the day 

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