Why Queen Elizabeth isn't called "Her Majesty"

Buckingham Palace has changed all references to "Her Majesty the Queen" to "Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth" after her "peaceful" death on September 8 and burial on September 19.

Earlier this week, Gert's Royals provided an explanation for the shift: "'The' in a title identifies the current title holder, therefore from now on she will be known as 'Her Majesty .

As seen in a tweet on Princess Anne's visit to thank troops who helped prepare the Queen's funeral earlier this week, the palace changed the descriptor online on Thursday.

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 Buckingham Palace has shifted their royal reference to the monarch in communications from "Her Majesty the Queen" to "Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth."

 'The' in a title indicates current title holder. No 'The' means former title holder, former spouse of title holder, etc."

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