Why I Am a Better Person Because I Married A Man Who Is 25 Years Older Than Me

I listen more.I've learnt to become a dynamite listener since my husband Tom has had years of chaotic life before me (like when he was eight and his house blew up

I'm more flexible.Yes, it's more usual to have a relationship like mine than the opposite, but it doesn't make it any less taboo.

I was just 18 when Tom and I initially met, so I didn't want my peers to label me as "strange" or "disgusting" for dating someone older than some of their parents;

He is skilled at what he does.Despite our insecurities, our relationship gradually developed from glares in the opposite direction

I now know how to listen to my heart.Although it was predicted that our age gap would drive us away, Tom

and I have both come to realise that those 25 years had brought us closer than anyone could have anticipated—including us. 

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