Why Does Herschel Walker Make a Special Effort to Act Dumber?

Republican candidate for Georgia Herschel Walker has made a number of puzzling remarks throughout his campaign for government (and continues to). 

In the final month and a half before the midterm elections, Walker wants to dispel any remaining hopes that he would serve as a shining example of intellect.

Walker wants to emphasise to people that he is a country guy and that they shouldn't hold high expectations for him because of this, as Savannah Now notes.

Walker stated, "I'm getting out there talking to folks and talking to you (the media)." I'm a rural lad. I don't know that much. He is a pastor. (Warnock) dresses well and is intelligent. 

He will thus appear and humiliate me in the discussion on October 14. I am just waiting to appear and will do my best.

I understand the play that is being presented. Walker's team is attempting to decrease expectations, so if he appears overextended at the debates on October 14th, it's only because Sen.

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