Why certain McDonald's have one arch

McDonald's Golden Arches shine since the 1950s. Their yellow neon lights are seen in over 100 countries. Few realise that the double arches formerly boosted McDonald's sales in a different way.

On social media, it's a fun fact that some McDonald's restaurants have just one arch. TikTok, Instagram, and others have posted about this bizarre sight.

A Twitter account chronicling unique McDonald's started a single-arched thread in 2021. Users posted their own sightings of the unusual solitary arch.

Reddit users have posted similar encounters and challenged others to locate mysterious indications.

Rare views of single arch raise the issue of their genesis, which, according to archives, goes back to when the now-global business was learning branding design

Richard and Maurice McDonald hired architect Stanley Meston to design their first structure in 1953, 13 years after founding McDonald's.

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