Why are rattlesnakes more likely in your yard now?

Rattlesnakes are well-known poisonous reptiles because of their warning sound. Their habitat ranges from the Northeast meadows to the Southeast wetlands and all in between, 

according to LiveScience. They're most common in the Southwest's scrub, deserts, and rocky slopes.

Fortunately, their noise-making feature makes them less surprising, so you may let them be. Most bites happen from people accidentally stepping on rattlesnakes. All reptile species have lethal venom

 but it's unusual for it to be deadly if treated early, LiveScience writes.

Certain variables make it more likely you'll see a rattlesnake now.Warm weather encourages outdoor fun. Temperature spikes can make rattlesnakes more inclined to enter your yard or property

In most locations, rattlesnake season is March through October or November. Extreme heat affects reptiles' behaviour quickly. "Heat waves may bring out snakes," Taylor told KSBY. 

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