When Should Sheets Be Washed?

Becnel says she washes bedding weekly. "I do this every Sunday so I don't forget, and there's nothing better than crawling into bed with clean sheets on a Sunday evening to combat the 'Sunday Scaries.

Becnel claims there's more on our bedding than meets the eye. According to UC Santa Barbara, people lose 500 million skin cells a day

When we spend a fourth of our day sleeping, that's a lot of shedding on our beds. Murphy explains that

oils, lotions, and creams we use before bed may soak into sheets and pillows, which can be bad for our skin if not washed often.

"Dead skin cells can attract dust mites," adds Becnel. "Sweat, drool, pet hair, and dust may collect quickly on bedding. Wash linens regularly to avoid stuffiness."

Murphy adds that weekly cleaning is healthier for our health and our linens, which is especially important if you've invested in a premium brand.

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