It's the sweetest thing when a kitten is saved and believes a young girl is her mother.

Animals and children can readily build ties with one another. They both express their love for one another and quickly become friends.

 A young girl in a family of six saved one kitten, and the two immediately forged an amazing bond that is amazing to see.

A video that was recently shared by the TikTok user @stephmarti9379 demonstrates the connection between her daughter Natalie and their adopted kitten. 

The kitten places her paws on the young girl's face as they both lay face to face on the ground. The kitten sees Natalie as her mother, Steph stated in the video's caption.

The cutest thing ever, oh my. According to the caption, the kitty has been regularly licking on Natalie's lip for several months.

According to the description on the video, Natalie does this every day after school with their kitty.

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