What Is The Greatest Number Of Strokes Per Opening In Golf?

In decoration play the Principles of Golf don't restrict the quantity of strokes that a player might take on a specific opening as all strokes are combined with your last aggregate. 

The biggest number of strokes taken on any one opening on the PGA Visit is 23 when Tommy Defensive layer made an all around fantastic wreck on the

standard 5 seventeenth opening at Shawnee CC at the 1927 Shawneee Open.

In later times John Daly ran up a 18 at the sixth opening Under control Slope in 1998

when he over and again found the beverage while attempting to clear a similar lake which Bryson DeChambeau made renowned in 2021

This year the DP World Visit saw Russian Andrey Pavlov open up his day with a 17 in the wake of tracking down the water multiple times in Austria.

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