What is the cost of charging an electric vehicle at home?

The cost of completely recharging an electric automobile may be calculated using the formula: Your electricity tariff (in kWh) x car battery size (in kWh) / 100.

Under the new government pricing ceiling, the most expensive power is 34p per kWh. So, it would cost £12.68 (i.e. 34 x 37.3 / 100) to fully recharge a Fiat 500e with a 37.3kWh battery.

The price is about £30.60 for a larger electric vehicle, such the Mercedes EQV with a 90kWh battery.

Even though we called this formula simple, there are a few additional elements to take into account in this situation

Your power rate may be less expensive than the government ceiling.Electricity is not transferred from a socket to a car battery with a 10% efficiency. 

According to Which's calculations, for instance, the Fiat 500e's 37.3kWh battery really requires 42.9kWh of energy to recharge, which may cause the cost of a recharge to increase by about 10%.

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