West Virginia plainclothes officers killed a pallbearer mid-embrace.

The Washington Post said that plainclothes police entered the funeral, called his name, and then shot him.

Minutes after Owens had placed his father's casket in the hearse, while they were still hugging, the gunmen opened fire, as reported by The Post.

A West Virginia man was shot and killed as he was about to greet his father only seconds after the casket was loaded into a hearse.

The Post stated that witnesses and mourners at Owens' burial said the 37-year-old was unarmed, despite allegations to the contrary by law authorities.

It was reported by The Post that as the two officers fired, Owens' blood flew everywhere and covered his son, who was then 18 years old.

US Marshals have not yet explained why Owens was on a wanted list, but they have taken him into custody.

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