Want glowing, healthy skin? Drink these yummy beverages every day

Starting the day with water cleans metabolic waste, stimulates digestion, and clears skin. Dehydration causes dry, itchy skin since our bodies are 75% water.

Adding a spoonful of honey to a few drops of lemon juice and warm water creates an antioxidant and anti-aging electrolyte. It removes toxins and aids weight reduction. 

Fruits are filled with vitamins and minerals that prevent acne and blemishes and promote skin health. Drink pomegranate, papaya, orange, beetroot, and carrot juices to refuel.

Green tea's anti-oxidants reduce skin sensitivities and irritations. Vitamins and other micronutrients keep skin healthy and bright.

Turmeric milk is healthy and nourishing. When added to milk, the Ayurvedic spice increases natural skin radiance. Curcumin, supports healthy skin cells and prevents premature ageing.

Aloe vera juice: Anti-inflammatory aloe vera juice boosts skin health. It lowers skin puffiness, pain, and edoema and boosts collagen synthesis. It removes blemishes and old acne. 

Consumers want healthy, sustainable drinks

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