Walt Dislikes Disney World's Big Change

The theme park's founder rejected a new feature.
Walt Disney had a vision for family enjoyment. His early movies were entirely G-rated, making them family-friendly without explicit content.

Walt Disney - Get When Disneyland debuted in 1955, The Walt Disney Company Report understood what he loved and desired. Disney's creator didn't want certain elements in his theme park.

Not because he didn't believe they were family-friendly, but because their stickiness made Disneyland difficult to clean. Ice cream and cotton candy become Disney theme park classics. 

Nothing. It's rowdy. That comes individuals we don't want, and I don't think they need it, he remarked.

The company's second theme park also bans alcohol. Magic Kingdom, part of Disney World in Florida, did not serve alcohol for years and now does so limitedly.
This prohibition will be partially lifted.

Disney has mostly kept Magic Kingdom dry. Park visitors can't purchase alcohol. Certain theme park eateries sell alcoholic drinks.

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