US military aircraft was so fast it shot itself out of the sky

Many have tried to explain aircraft flying. Live Science explains it as lift and push. The former refers to air pressure surrounding the plane's wings. Engine pushes. Not quite.

Once in the air, an aeroplane doesn't look as quick as from the inside. The typical passenger airliner travels about 575 mph, but some planes may fly far faster. 

Britannica says that 60 years later, Concorde made its inaugural flight. This British-French project might reach 1,354 mph. Concorde was too expensive to maintain

A Cold War incident made the Tiger infamous. We Are The Mighty reports that the U.S. faced pressure to outperform the Soviet Union's MiG-15, which exceeded Mach 1 and had excellent performance.

On September 21, 1956, Attridge soared at 20,000 feet before diving at near-sonic speed. We Are The Mighty says he fired all four aircraft guns. He fired again 7,000 feet lower. 

Attridge's Tiger was hit in the windshield, nose cone, and right side, causing it to lose power. The pilot was able to (somewhat) softly land amid trees, escaping the horrible disaster alive.

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