Urban Meyer Describes Nebraska Football Fans in One Word

Scott Frost is no longer the head football coach at Nebraska. The Huskers may now start looking for their next programme director.

Unbelievable as it may seem, Urban Meyer is being considered as a potential candidate.

Nebraska needs to make a significant change. Meyer, however, has a talent for assisting programmes in doing so within a year or two. He also admires their supporters much.

Meyer calls Nebraska football supporters "special" for their devotion to the team despite recent disappointing performances.

According to Meyer, who spoke with 247Sports, "Nebraska is one of the most unusual fan bases I've ever experienced." "One year, when I was the head coach at Ohio State, I told one of my players,

'Take me around a little bit. Let's go incognito a little bit.' I just wanted to walk around and I kind of did you know? 

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