Unwritten Marriage "Rules"

Nod your head in agreement.Maybe it's the dumbest thing you've ever heard, but whatever. Just give him the benefit of the doubt and nod your head sweetly.

Never use the phrase "I told you so."You can count on it, right? Oh, then, keep your mouth shut. Simply said, because we love.

As a third piece of advice, know when to keep your mouth shut.You're a highly talkative spouse, yet you know when to keep your mouth shut.

Even if you mentally recite the Serenity prayer every time you enter the in-laws' driveway, don't utter it out loud. Don't cry when clutching a Rosary.

Don't worry about making a detailed list of what you want from the divorce settlement  since he forgot to use a coaster when he placed his glass down.

It's not a good idea for him to pet the Hooters waitress. He forbids you to pet anything in the house. It's obvious that you have greater judgement. Put simply, don't do it.

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