Unique expert in Blemish a-Lago case seems wary of Trump 'declassification' claims

The extraordinary expert delegated to audit records government specialists seized at previous President Donald Trump's Florida .

Trump's dispute that he had declassified the different top secret and other exceptionally delicate archives tracked down there.

The unique expert, Senior U.S. Region Judge Raymond J. Sweetheart of New York, had requested Trump's lawyers for more data about which from the north.

Trump's lawyers had told the adjudicator in a letter Monday night that they would have rather not revealed the data yet on the grounds.

At a meeting in bureaucratic court in Brooklyn, Sweetheart noticed that the case is a common question, not a criminal one, yet said he was treating the public.

"We should not disparage the way that we are managing something like possibly honestly ordered data. The public authority has an exceptionally impressive commitment.

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