Unhappy With Terry Bradshaw News, NFL World

A statement made by Terry Bradshaw on Sunday regarding the Saints' quarterback predicament has angered the NFL community.

Jameis Winston, the quarterback for the Saints, was forewarned by Bradshaw that if he isn't cautious, backup quarterback Andy Dalton will take over.

"Jameis just strives to get better, work harder, and be a wonderful teammate. Still, he receives this absurd accusation "a follower wrote.

Another supporter chimed in, "On Brand."Meanwhile, the Saints said they are not looking into switching quarterbacks.

"No, no. Dennis Allen, the Saints coach, was quoted by Katherine Terrell of ESPN.com as saying, "We all have to play better. "I'm not seeking to pick anything out; certainly,

 we need to make some changes and improve our collective performance. When these circumstances arise, I believe that everyone searches for someone or something to blame.

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