Unexpectedly Fun Way to Keep Mosquitoes Away

It may be cooling down for some of us, but that doesn't mean summer is over. This may be particularly true for pests like mosquitoes.

You may spray outdoors for certain bugs or wash down your doors to discourage pests from creeping in, but how can you deter mosquitos from flying at you while you're outside?

You may utilise a simple (and charming) hack today.
Sarah Holden on TikTok shared this hack. Sarah has undoubtedly tried everything to keep bugs away, even the standard methods

 Unfortunately, mosquitos are tenacious, and you don't want to spend a tonne of time spraying, etc.
A bubble machine kept the bloodsuckers away.

Nope, neither did we. Mosquitoes don't like bubbles, which a bubble machine can create. Mosquitoes would have to fly past a tonne of bubbles to reach your skin.

Why do that when they may eat somewhere with less effort? This hack uses no harsh chemicals or insect odour. Stop the blower after you're done outside.

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