unexpected fridge foods

Dates must be refrigerated, while other dried fruit may be stored at room temperature. Dates are softer than cranberries and apricots. Keep them cold in an airtight container to preserve flavour.

Mustard's preservatives make it safe to store even after opening. Open jars of mustard taste better when refrigerated. Cooler temps help retain colour and punchiness.

Due to its high sugar content, jelly may not rot if kept in the cupboard after opening. Refrigerate it. This avoids discoloration, texture changes, taste loss, and mould growth

US pathogen treatments damage egg shells. Cold stops reinfection. In Europe, cleaning eggs is illegal, and the EU suggests keeping them cold but not refrigerated.

Opened red wine should be refrigerated, contrary to popular belief. Once opened and exposed to air, wine changes colour, aroma, and texture and turns into vinegar.

High sugar concentration prevents chocolate syrup from deteriorating quickly, however refrigeration after opening enhances its shelf life. Taste, fragrance, and texture may vary with time.

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