Uber says Lapsus$-connected programmer liable for break

Uber Innovations Inc said on Monday a programmer partnered with the Lapsus$ hacking bunch was liable for a digital assault that 

constrained the ride-hailing organization to close a few interior interchanges briefly last week

Uber said the assailant had not gotten to any client accounts and the data sets that store delicate client data, for example, charge card numbers, financial balance or outing subtleties.

"The aggressor got to a few interior frameworks, and our examination has zeroed in on deciding if there was any material effect," Uber said, 

 it was all the while progressing to add that examination.
The organization said it was in close coordination with the FBI and the U.S. Branch of Equity with regards to this issue.

The programmer had posted a message on the discussion about trying to "arrange an arrangement" with the videogaming organization

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