U.S. Gas Prices End Declines After Less Than 100 Days

The number of days that the national price of gasoline in the US has decreased has been misstated in a previous version of this article. Not 99 days straight, but 98.

The average national gasoline price in the US had a 98-day reduction that came to a stop on Wednesday, suggesting that the recent cooling of overall inflation may be wearing off.

A long-term rise in gas prices that increased following Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February and is still upsetting customers has only partially been offset by the fall to date. 

A political issue for President Biden and a dilemma for the Federal Reserve, which on Wednesday issued another significant interest rate rise, is what to do about energy-driven inflation.

According to AAA, the national average gas price increased by seven tenths of one cent on Wednesday to $3.68 per gallon. 

That was up from $3.19 at the same time last year, but down from $3.90 a month before. In June, gas prices reached a peak slightly over $5 per gallon.

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