Twitter user promoting the LIV Golf myth is slammed by Jon Rahm

Those who haven't made the switch to LIV Golf from the PGA Tour are frequently questioned about their opinions of the contentious Saudi-sponsored tour.

The world's best golfer Jon Rahm has insisted without wavering that "his heart is with" the PGA Tour 

and that he is not interested in the format change or the negative publicity that would accompany joining LIV.

Despite these earlier remarks, "LIV Golf Insider," a user on Twitter, said on Wednesday that he had a source who was able to confirm Rahm was going to LIV

Unfortunately for this person, Rahm saw the message and lambasted him, flatly discrediting both the user and their source.

You have begun a losing trend since both you and your source are in error, I'm sorry to say. I want to express my gratitude for the increase in PIP.

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