Trump's 'candid admission' about running for presidency

From the forthcoming book Confidence Man, which includes a recent interview with the ex-president, an extract with his "candid admission" was published.

Trump also talks about his favourite parts of being president and addresses the claims that he stole sensitive materials in the extract.

Yes, I believe that to be the case.
Cause I see it this way.
I have a lot of wealthy pals that remain anonymous to this day.

When asked whether he would run for president again given what he knows now, Trump "then went on to remark about how much simpler.

She said, "When I asked him in a follow-up interview what he loved most about the work, he said, 'Getting things done,' and he named a few successes."

In the 2016 presidential election, Trump defeated Hillary Clinton and was elected as the 45th president.

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