Trump says he'll pardon Capitol attackers if elected.

Donald Trump claimed Thursday he will pardon and apologise to the attackers of the US Capitol on January 6 if re-elected.

He told conservative radio presenter Wendy Bell on Thursday, "I mean complete pardons with apologies to many." "I'll seriously consider complete pardons."

How the January 6 hearings pave the way for dictatorship
More than 140 law enforcement personnel were hurt in the incident. 

NPR's tracker shows 875 individuals charged with charges relating to January 6. 370 have pled guilty.

Trump offered financial assistance to several attackers. Trump remarked, "I am financially supporting wonderful individuals that were in my office two days ago." "They've treated them shamefully

The US House panel investigating the Capitol assault presented evidence this summer indicating Trump urged the mob to travel to the Capitol on January 6 and rejected attempts to halt the violence.

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