Trump faces criticism for his QAnon rally presentation in Ohio

During his Youngstown, Ohio rally in favour of Republican Senate candidate JD Vance, Donald Trump drew criticism for his entry into the QAnon conspiracy theory movement.

"This week marked Trump's transition into Qanon. This is exactly what it is, however upsetting; it is not a political statement. 

The week started with pictures of Trump on Truth Social wearing a Q pin and finished with crowd members holding up the Q "one" symbol during his rally

"This week, Trump shared QAnon memes, played QAnon theme music at his event, and watched by while the crowd raised their fingers in the QAnon salute," author Kurt Eichenwald continued.

This man is the alleged leader of the GOP. Ask every Republican about it, and don't let them evade the question. "Do you back QAnon?"

He has fully embraced QAnon, and the cult is aware of it. Trump has had mental health issues for a long time, but this is a whole new level. He has absolutely lost his mind," he tweeted.

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