Trump claims he would have gotten a preferred seat over Biden

  President Joe Biden and First Woman Jill Biden sat in the fourteenth column for the Sovereign's burial service on Monday.

  Trump derided Biden for where he was situated, saying that he would have had a superior seat.

The state memorial service on Monday was one of the biggest ever get-togethers of world pioneers, with in excess of 500 unfamiliar heads of state.

Biden and First Woman Jill Biden were set in the fourteenth column of Westminster Convent's south transept, just seven lines from the precise back, The Hours of London detailed.

Trump made a move to ridicule the president, composing on his web-based entertainment stage Truth Social on Monday.

In any case, Biden's position was probable settled by factors that wouldn't be unique assuming that Trump were president, including the way in which he ventured out to the memorial.

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