Amidst the Gisele feud, Tom Brady is "sad" but concentrating on being a "great parent."

Brady is now really depressed, a source said, according to us. Friends are aware that this conflict has been significant.

"It appears that Gisele gets angry and says things that make it sound like she's leaving him, but historically, they've always reconciled. But perhaps it's more serious this time.

Brady, who wed Bundchen in 2009, uploaded a video of himself escorting Benjamin and Vivian to their first day of school on his Instagram account on Monday.

The Buccaneers quarterback skipped 11 days of practise in August and, when questioned about it, made a marriage-related allusion. 

It's all personal, he added, because everyone is coping with a distinct set of circumstances. 

Each of us has quite distinct obstacles in life. Man, I'm 45 years old. There's a lot of stuff happening.

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