Thor: Love and Thunder Isn't Canon in the MCU?

For those who don't know what an unreliable narrator is, they are characters who are totally unreliable in stories. 

 The audience is expected to accept the veracity of every character's statements when hearing or reading a story. 

However, there are times when a narrator's reliability is called into question, making the story difficult to accept. At least in this new theory, 

 that's what happened to Korg in Thor: Love and Thunder. Sincerity be told, it makes a lot of sense. Korg is speaking to kids and telling the whole tale from beginning to end. 

He probably had to make up quite a few things to keep the interest of the "kids," who are supposed to be the audience.

The plot of Thor: Love and Thunder contains a lot of elements that might be a little bit improbable.

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