There are fewer than two weeks left until NASA's first asteroid deterrence test.

The first Double Asteroid Redirection Test mission, which will be conducted by NASA in less than two weeks,

will test a new planetary defence system that includes ramming a satellite into an asteroid, ushering in a new age for the solar system.

DART will mark a key milestone for the space agency when it drives headlong into a tiny asteroid on Sept. 26 

and destroys itself, according to NASA, albeit it won't be as spectacular as Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck's blockbuster film "Armageddon."

It is significant to emphasise that the asteroid NASA will strike, Didymos, is just being utilised for its size and present orbit and is not in direct flight toward Earth.

However, the expedition will evaluate the DART system, which may be used to prevent asteroids from hitting the Earth and endangering life.

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