The Yankees won't win the World Series in 2022 for these 3 reasons.

The Yankees lack the pitching depth necessary to win a World Series.The IL enjoys claiming pitchers for the Yankees. It seemed that unless you made at least one appearance on the IL this season,

 you weren't a member of the Yankees pitching staff, from Chad Green early on to Aroldis Chapman much more recently.

When the Yankees offence suddenly falters, it is fantastic.It has been witnessed a lot before by Yankees supporters. The powerful bats of the Bronx Bombers become chilly in October,

just like the weather. It has been one of the main causes of their recent inability to make the postseason. Nothing indicates that this year will be any different.

Something about the Yankees makes the first Major League movie's plot seem familiar. You might remember that in the movie, the team didn't even win the World Series.

The American League pennant was won in the end. They didn't win the World Series, as we discovered in the second movie.