The world's priciest fruits

Japan, Roman Ruby. It has huge red berries. It may cost $3,000 per kilogramme.

Yubari King.Expensive Yubari King. Yubari, near Sapporo in Hokkaido, Japan, is where the experiment began. One apple went for €20,000.

Tamago Taiyo.Japan's south Low sugar is its distinctive flavour. Per kilogramme might cost 7,500.

Sembikiya.They're flawless. Beautiful, perfectly-shaped, crimson. Strawberry costs 10 euros.

This fruit gives pleasure, say the Vietnamese. Baby pears are placed in moulds so they develop into the right form. €7 each.

Square watermelons have a unique form. They're a Japanese institution with sales guidelines. Each side must be 19cm. Each costs about €150.

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