The world's most popular Netflix show right now.

This week's top-ranked Netflix series worldwide is Echoes.On Tuesday, August 30, Netflix unveiled its brand-new Top 10 English-language TV programme ranking for the world.

According to Netflix, "Echoes" is a mystery-thriller about Leni and Gina, two identical twins who harbour a perilous secret.

Leni and Gina have surreptitiously switched lives since they were young, leading to a dual existence as adults. 

They share two homes, two spouses, and a kid, but when one of the sisters goes missing, everything in their carefully orchestrated world is thrown into turmoil.

You can see from the statistics at the bottom of this page that everyone and his brother is now watching this thing on the streamer.

Even if it seems like audiences and critics can't bear it, if the Rotten Tomatoes ratings are any indication.

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