The wife of a former NFL quarterback sends "thirsty ladies" a harsh message

Social media provides previously unobtainable insight into elite athletes' private lives.

Greta Griffin, a fitness enthusiast and the wife of Robert Griffin III, a former NFL quarterback 

and current ESPN college football analyst, regrettably has to deal with "thirsty women" contacting her husband directly on social media.

Over the weekend, Mrs. Griffin used TikTok to deliver a direct message to ladies attempting to woo her husband. She wants everyone to be aware that she is in charge of his social media presence.

Mrs. Griffin wrote on social media, "Thirsty ladies in my husband's DM's not knowing I oversee his social media." 

Griffin said in the caption with the hashtag "thirsty," "The joke's on you."In response, Mr. Griffin used a slew of laughing-crying emojis in the comments.

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