The United States Navy's most powerful warships

With the best Navy in the world and current intentions, the United States should achieve its objective of keeping 300 ships in its force by 2034 by retiring 244 ships and acquiring 264 more. 

The U.S. Navy has maintained an amazing fleet of ships to satisfy all of the military's maritime demands over the years, 

despite the fact that its budget has changed over the years depending on the state of the war and congressional permission. The biggest and most potent ships in the world,

such as attack submarines and missile destroyers, are included on this list. It is very amazing how many weapons and planes these ships can handle.

Since 2009, the USS Independence LCS-2 has been a part of the fleet of the United States Navy. 

This combat ship is prepared to hunt down submarines, discover and destroy mines, and engage in combat with small boats.

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