The supply chain issue and an extinct volcano might cause a beer scarcity.

Jackson Dome in Mississippi has naturally contaminated water. Jackson's dome is 2,900 feet deep. It's provided the restaurant and beer sectors with CO2 since 1977.

Raw gas polluted the dome's supply this summer. Raw gas makes CO2 useless.
Brewers around the nation report production delays and are intending to convert to nitrogen.

Aeronaut Brewing co-founder Ronn Friedlander on the shortfall and supply chain issues:
"We've been operating delivery-to-delivery for weeks and are worried about supplies.

We need to keep sourcing CO2; for now, we're just keeping ahead of it, but that's a significant worry."

Boston's Night Shift Brewing reported their CO2 supply will be terminated "for the foreseeable future, potentially a year."

Since 2020's shutdowns, the beer sector has struggled to recover. Beermakers face inflation, supply chain challenges, and a carbon dioxide scarcity. 

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