The Squirrel Cat Has Us Laughing Out Loud

A man must have been shocked when he saw his cat with a surprise in its mouth. 

A squirrel! Eek! We don't know how Clough caught it, but his dad trying to convince him to drop it is funny.

In the video, he said, "Cloughy, show me what you got." "Clough, let him go," he said. The cat dad had to pursue Clough around the backyard before the cat released him

The clip has over 731,000 views and people are impressed. "That cat caught a squirrel is incredible," @jet five said

"Wow give him a treat for catching a squirrel my kitties have been trying for a year," @skyexmonique said.

But one individual was glad Clough let the squirrel go. @it5helin said, "Thank you for making sure the cat released the squirrel safely."

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