The Sideline Outburst of Tom Brady: New Information

Tom Brady became rather angry on the sidelines. Although he was witnessed smashing a tablet, that wasn't the worst of it, it seems.

Adam Schefter, an NFL insider for ESPN, claims that Brady broke many tablets. He smashed two of them, while a third tablet was subsequently discovered broken on the sidelines of the squad.

Brady, though, doesn't see it that way, even if stealing from the NFL may be a little troublesome. 

Brady jokingly claimed that the tablet was to blame for his subpar performance against the Saints in a recent interview with Jim Gray.

Brady also mentioned that the NFL had informed him that if he ever damaged another tablet after shattering one the previous year, he would be penalized. 

He has not been penalized by the NFL since all the way back in 2013, and he only just escaped being punished for unsportsmanlike behavior during the playoffs the previous season.

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