The Safest Locations Outside The US For Retiring

CanadaGood news if you want to retire abroad but not abroad. You may take a car to one of the world's safest nations.

IcelandDespite the fact that Canada may be closest, if you sail west about halfway between North America and Northern Europe, you'll reach Iceland,

New Zealand"The calm attitude of the Kiwis will reveal to you that New Zealand is a country famed for its safety."

Even though the nation was once known for militarization, racial and religious strife, terrorism, and violent protests, these issues are now essentially non-existent in contemporary Ireland.

Denmark joined the European Union the same year as Ireland, and nearly 50 years later, it is one of the world's statistically safest nations.

Austria, one of a group of Central European nations that all rank in the top 15, completes the top five safest countries in the world.

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