The Real Greatest Power of Bruce Banner Was Confirmed in Hulk vs. Superman

Superman and the Hulk engaged in a fierce duel in The Incredible Hulk vs. Superman, one of the most famous Marvel/DC Comics crossovers, before uniting against a common foe.

The initial altercation between the two, though, happened a few years before. 

 In the conflict between DC and Marvel, a mullet-sporting Kal-El faced out against the Hulk as they fought for the survival of their own realities. 

Bruce Banner immediately showed throughout the battle that his greatest attribute is not strength but durability as he was able to exhaust his opponent while losing.

The Hulk and Superman square off in the DC against Marvel crossover by Ron Marz, Peter David, Dan Jurgens, and Claudio Castellini,

 when they were called upon to battle one another to defend their own universes. Superman was struck by a strong blow from Hulk that sent him flying into the rough ground. 

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