The Peyton Manning News Has The NFL World Excited

The storied NFL quarterback, who has remained active in the game since leaving the Denver Broncos, will participate in the Pro Bowl going forward.

On the new Pro Bowl, Manning and Omaha Productions are collaborating with the NFL.

"Throughout the Pro Bowl week in Las Vegas, Peyton Manning and Omaha Productions will contribute to the development of the skills competition programming. 

Manning will play a significant role on the coaching staff for the flag football match between the AFC and NFC "Adam Schefter made a statement.

"I can see them playing a Manning versus. Brady flag football match at the pro bowl once Brady retires. Mic them up and start berating them, "another supporter

"Bring Madden to the Pro Bowl, for the love of God. Watching that was extremely enjoyable. Virtually seeing elite players compete in their sport has a certain appeal "additional supporter

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