The NFL World Reacts to The Seahawks Want Jimmy Garoppolo

Before all is said and done, Jimmy Garoppolo seems destined to join the Seahawks.

Although the seasoned quarterback is still with the 49ers, Garoppolo is likely to be released shortly. The 49ers quarterback is anticipated to join a division foe after being dismissed.

So, according to former NFL GM Mike Lombardi, "what I predict will happen is that they'll cut Jimmy G the Friday before opening weekend."

"I believe they will fire him at that point, and he will then need to fulfil his obligations under his contract and travel to Seattle.

However, there is no desire to give Seattle even a week to prepare with Jimmy G as their main quarterback. However, I do think that Seattle is the team that wants him

Seattle, which is in need of a reliable quarterback, is an easy match for Garoppolo.