After what he did during the Bucs-Saints game, the NFL reportedly warned Bruce Arians.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers no longer have Bruce Arians as their head coach. He was able to steal the show on Sunday against the New Orleans Saints though.

Arians, who is currently the Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht's senior assistant, watched the game on Sunday. 

He was seen arguing with the referee at one point over the fact that Marshon Lattimore's pass interference wasn't flagged.

Arians spoke with Mike Evans before the Pro Bowl wideout shoved Lattimore, even though he wasn't directly involved in the fight that broke out on the field this past weekend.

According to reports that surfaced on Wednesday morning, Arians was issued a warning by the NFL for his behaviour while serving as a bench coach.

According to the letter Arians received, any additional improper behaviour on the sidelines could result in "discipline against him and the club."

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