The Natalie Decker Announcement Is Reacted To By NASCAR World

Beginning on October 1st, Natalie Decker will don a new sponsor's logo. The 25-year-old NASCAR Truck Series driver announced a collaboration with Diesel Beverages on Wednesday.

I'm so happy a new sponsor has joined the sport! Tweeted Decker Let's start truck racing!

Social media users responded to Decker's announcement in the NASCAR community.Natalie, you go!" exclaimed one user.

A racing fan retorted, "Nope shouldn't happen it's the same [sponsor] that NASCAR denied last month."

Another person said, "Best of luck to you, I know you will do an amazing job!!"I'm excited to see this truck in action at Dega and I love you Nats.

Oh, hell yeah.The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at Talladega Superspeedway will mark Decker's truck's debut.

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