The Most Potent Avenger in Marvel Comics Is Just Right For Brendan Fraser

The reappearance of Brendan Fraser is perhaps one of Hollywood's most intriguing success stories. The actor didn't disappear; in fact, he was succeeding in Doom Patrol on television.

But many of his admirers were upset when Batgirl, in which he portrayed Firely, was canceled because they had wanted to see him recover fame on the big screen.

However, some people are expecting that Fraser may soon be able to participate in popular superhero films given the positive reviews and Oscar-worthy nods for his performance in The Whale. 

This would not only make his name well known to the younger generation,

but it would also net him a big salary, making up for his 1990s leading man work in blockbusters like The Mummy. 

Fraser might still find himself in the spotlight now that his time in the DC Extended Universe is officially over thanks to Marvel as its most potent Avenger.

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