The Most Forgettable Pokémon

Some Pokémon are forgettable, of course. Remembering almost 1,000 Pokémon is difficult. Some Pokémon are hard to remember because of their design, moveset, or moniker.

Clemont possessed a Heliolisk in the Pokémon anime, but he abandoned it in Lumiose Gym. The Generator Pokémon's personality wasn't seen. It's unclear what inspired its design.

Furfrou is Pokémon's most forgettable dog.Furfrou is the most forgettable dog-inspired Pokémon. Its face says there's nothing to see. Its design is simple: black fur, white eyes.

Burmy evolves into Mothim. Mothim is forgettable since he's a moth. His design isn't really distinctive or memorable.

Mothim's bland colour scheme is likewise forgettable. The Bug/Flying-type Pokémon hasn't been shown much in the anime

and moths aren't recognised for their power, thus many gamers would skip him.

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