The McGriddle's demise

Imagine going to McDonald's in the morning. You fall under the spell of the fast food chain's morning aromas: freshly made coffee, steaming hash browns, and the McGriddle.

The McGriddle is similar to the McMuffin family of breakfast sandwiches, but uses "griddle cakes" instead of English muffin buns. 

Canned McGriddle McDonald's wasn't the only restaurant affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. The fast food eatery survived despite the attack.

As other restaurants closed during the outbreak, many individuals ate at McDonald's. While this may seem good for business, the all-day breakfast was causing problems

Taking breakfast and regular menu orders simultaneously complicated kitchen work and slowed service. To reduce chaos, the chain eliminated all-day breakfast

According to Mic, many employees found the all-day breakfast a pain due to having to make breakfast items (some of which require special equipment) alongside lunch and dinner rushes

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