The Marriage of Tom Brady and Gisele Concerns NFL Fans

Following a series of confrontations between the two about Brady's plan to play another 23 games this year, Bundchen is supposedly no longer in Tampa Bay and is now in Costa Rica.

After the 2021–22 season, Brady announced his retirement from the NFL, but he soon changed his mind six weeks later. On Selection Sunday in March, he declared his return.

This information was released shortly after Brady missed 11 days of training camp due to personal issues.

He came back last week, and on August 27, he participated in Tampa Bay's last preseason game.

"Dang. If this is the case, I hope they can straighten things out and strike a balance. Everyone struggles to find work-life balance." a follower tweeted.

Another admirer tweeted, "Oh boy."It will be interesting to watch if the two can navigate these troubled seas.

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